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My master data changes regularly, how do I deal with it?

The data set selection block (DSAB) enables the transfer of list-like data collections into a smap. The data can be imported via the designer by uploading an Excel file or by utilizing the RESTful API. 

Offline capability is a fundamental function of smapOne - i.e. even in absence of an active internet connection, the smap can be be operated without any problems. Therefore, master data can not be queried "live", but must be updated (the master data transferred to the smap) when you change the master data. 

Accordingly, for master data that changes regularly, we recommend a periodic or adhoc update of a DSAB's data. However, please note that each upload of a new data status generates a new smap version, which depletes your available storage contingent for smap structure data (smapOne documentation: Storage space for smaps) .