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What is the Web App?

The Web App allows you to use our smaps directly in your browser. It can be used alongside our smapOne Apps (available for iOS, Android and Windows) to display and fill in smaps.

What can already be used in the Early Access phase?

  • Logged in area

    • Accessible via the e-mail that users receive with a newly assigned smap or directly under the link:

    • The login replaces the device link in the Web App. If you do not yet have an account, you can simply register with the platform as a smap user. This is free of charge and possible without a contract.

  • Anonymously distributed smaps

    • Can simply be distributed via a link for completion - no need to register or download an app.

    • Note: This feature is not activated for all users. Please contact your customer advisor if you would like to use this feature.

  • Forms can be displayed and data can be sent

  • Information pages, data privacy and legal notice can be displayed

  • Preview function

  • The following bricks have already been implemented:

    • Capture Photo

    • Checkbox

    • Data Record Selection

    • Date and Time Selection

    • Date and Time Result

    • Email Input Field

    • Group

    • Hyperlink

    • Numeric Input Field

    • Numeric Result

    • Period Result

    • Phone Call

    • Section

    • Separator

    • Single Choice

    • Text

    • Text Input Field

    • Text Result

Coming soon: We are currently working on this

We are currently working intensively on the further development of our Web App. We will be releasing the following functions in the coming months:

  • Integration of all bricks

  • Task function

  • Enable drafts to be started and completed at a later date

  • Push notifications