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What installation variants are available for Windows 10?

The following variants for an installation on a Windows 10 device are possible:

  • Installation from the Microsoft Store
    This is the easiest option, recommended my Microsoft. The user only needs access to Microsoft Store. Installation and update processes do not require the user to take any further action.

  • Installation via Microsoft Business App Store
    With this option, the IT department "procures" the app centrally and distributes it to the respective users. The IT department can control who should be able to use the app. Further information can be found in the Microsoft documentation below: 

  • Installation via an MDM system
    Depending on the MDM system used, this option provides an installation which is technically comparable to the App Store variant.

  • Side Loading - Direct app installation
    Only in thoughtfully pre-defined scenarios, this should be considered as an option. The app is installed without processing through Microsoft Store. Installation instructions and the corresponding installation files can be found here: Installation instructions for the smapOne app via sideloading (UWP, Windows)